External Publications

The SNS Network’s original interdisciplinary review series focuses on book-length academic scholarship related to life writing. 
Listed below are links to reviews solicited and written by members of the SNS and published in collaboration with various academic journals.

Navigating LossNavigating Loss in Women’s Contemporary Memoir

Heidi Elisabeth Bollinger reviews Amy-Katerini Prodromou’s book. Published in Contemporary Women’s Writing 10.2 July 2016.

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Postcolonial Life NarrativesPostcolonial Life Narratives: Testimonial Transactions

Richard Moran reviews Gillian Whitlock’s book. Published in English Studies in Canada 42.1-2 March/June 2016.

Identity TechnologiesIdentity Technologies: Constructing the Self Online

Sarah McRae reviews the book edited by Anna Poletti and Julie Rak. Published in English Studies in Canada 42.1-2 March/June 2016.

A Special HellA Special Hell: Institutional Life in Alberta’s Eugenic Years

Samantha Balzer reviews Claudia Malacrida’s book. Published in English Studies in Canada 42.1-2 March/June 2016.

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Canadian Literature 226From Qallunaat to James Bay

Mini Aodla Freeman, Julie Rak, Keavy Martin, and Norma Dunning talk to IABA SNS and friends about the new edition of Aodla Freeman’s memoir, Life Among the Qallunaat. Published in Canadian Literature 226 Autumn 2015.

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#14 Bear WitnessWe Shall Bear Witness: Life Narrative and Human Rights

Bethany Ober Mannon reviews the book edited by Meg Jensen and Margareta Jolly. Published in Biography: An Interdisciplinary Journal 38.4 Fall 2015.

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Autobiography in Transit: Conference Review

Seraphima Kennedy reviews the 2014 IABA Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Read Part I, Part II, and Part III on the Oxford Centre for Life Writing’s blog.